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Have you read hundreds of questions, but still can’t find the best answer for that stain on your carpet? Scroll down and read our Frequently Asked Questions page and you will find the best answers to your questions. It contains useful and accurate information, written by expert cleaners.

Can I remove all carpet stains?

Even with the best and most modern cleaning tools or solutions, the truth is that not all stains or blemishes can be removed on carpets. Carpet Cleaning Hollywood technicians however agree that while foods and beverages that contain dyes are the toughest to remove, it's still very much possible to clean these. However, the process may take some time, and the methods may be quite costly. Just like pet stains, dyes will require some specialized form of cleaning or removal.

Stubborn pet stains – are these impossible to remove?

For homeowners owning pets such as cats and dogs, smelly fecal and urine stains from these animals will need some specialized form of cleaning or removal. Even the most seasoned carpet cleaner will admit that not all stains or blemishes can be quickly removed from carpets.  Food items which contain dyes are perhaps the hardest to remove. However, there are still a number of ways for removing these, although this will take some time to complete.

Will any stain removal agent do for carpet stains?

While the results may vary depending on the type of fabric or the kind of agent you use, generally any stain removal agent – if used properly – can be effective. You simply need to make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter.

Will it take long for my carpet to dry up?

According to our specialists, the drying process after a carpet cleaning session could take an average of 4 to 8 hours depending on the conditions. They also advise owners not to use the carpet while it is drying since dirt can cling easier on to the damp material.

How often do rugs require deep cleaning?

This depends primarily on the usage. If the rug is in a high-traffic area or children play on it all the time, it should be deep cleaned every 8 to 12 months. This is also recommended in case people smoke in the room because tobacco penetrates deep into the fibers. This could be a reason for bad odors, too.

Can I clean my sofa with warm water and a liquid detergent?

You should check whether the upholstery is safe to clean with a water-based cleaning agent. Usually, this shouldn’t be a problem. With some microfiber sofas, however, only dry cleaning products can be used safely. It is essential for you to use a white towel or a sponge which has not been dyed in order to apply the liquid solution. Otherwise, the color can be easily transferred to the upholstery.


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