Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Our Carpet Cleaning Hollywood Company excels at Mold Removal services. Our experts will provide everything from black mold removal to odor removal at a price that won’t topple your budget restraints. We will come out and provide a professional mold inspection and then we can proceed from there in accordance with our findings.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

No more hustles, water damage restoration Hollywood is at your doorstep to deal with your worries. After the unexpected floods or any other calamity in Hollywood, we will be at your service at the press of the call button. If you need any of our water damage restoration services on 24/7 basis simply call 323-331-9413.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

If you live in Hollywood, Los Angeles and you need your carpets and rugs cleaned, you’d better order the services of Residential Carpet Cleaning Hollywood. We have many pleased customers and our work is performed in accordance with the highest standards in the carpet cleaning industry.

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Take advantage of all tips in the field of carpet cleaning shared below. Each one is pretty straightforward and contains clear instructions on what you have to do. Read them carefully now and come back for reference whenever necessary. It is easy to have perfect floor treatments at home.

Clever carpet maintenance tips!

The best ways to clean rugs and upholstery! Additional info below! Find out how to clean rugs, how to protect them from water and the sun, and how to store and maintain them.

  • Do not allow the water solution to form pools when cleaning tile floors

    When the pools dry, they can leave nasty marks which are challenging to remove. Squeeze the mop sufficiently before mopping. It should not drip. If you notice pools forming, you need to blot the solution right away.

  • Run a cleaning-solution test

    Never dump a cleaning solution directly on the carpet without running a test first. Not all products in the carpet are safe for you or the carpet, and will likely cause discoloration or thinning of the fibers. So before using a cleaning solution, test it on an inconspicuous area first, one that can be easily covered up should damage occur.

  • Avoid bringing food and drinks close to the carpet

    Food and drinks are among the top causes of carpet stains. This is why our specialists strongly discourage eating or drinking around carpeted areas, or at least be very careful when going around the carpeted area of your home when you have food and drinks with you.

  • Always remember to vacuum

    Carpet owners are advised to vacuum their carpets every now and then to maintain them. Dirt can stick deep into the carpet’s fibers, which will be much harder to remove and can cause damage to the carpet itself. Vacuuming at least twice every week helps remove this dirt before they become a bigger problem.

  • How to improve the looks of tiles

    Ceramic tile cleaning is a rather easy process because tiles are highly resistant to water. Though, most dirt is gathered in the grouts since they are absorbent and grout cleaning can be really hard. The best solution is sealing grout to keep dirt and moisture from penetrating the material because in sensitive, highly moisturized rooms like kitchens and especially bathrooms you may find mold.

  • How to maintain carpets

    The basic rule to keep carpets clean is vacuuming but this is not sufficient for fundamental sanitizing and you will need more drastic measures for home carpet cleaning. If you have Persian rugs, it's good to keep them in the open air for a few hours twice every year and you must never forget mildew inspection. Carpet Cleaning Hollywood recommends stain removal as soon as possible.

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