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Which Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is The Best

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Which Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is The Best

Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is The Best | Hollywood Carpet Cleaning

When thinking about advising a specialist from carpet cleaning Hollywood, you also have to consider what methods different companies use. Basically, there are two ways to clean indoor carpeting - a wet method, involving hot water, and a dry method, which still uses some liquid in the process. Which method is best really depends on what type of carpet you have and whether or not it will bleed.

Advantages of Wet Methods

With all of the dust mites, mold, and other allergens embedded in your carpet’s fibers, the one sure method of killing any and all living organisms is heat. Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, produces the heat necessary to wipe out all living things. Not only is your house healthier, but you will also cut down on the number cleaning supplies you will need. Using a professional carpet cleaning company means that you can get rid of all of the cleaners and deodorizers that are under your kitchen sink.

Disadvantages of Wet Methods

All wet methods will use some sort of chemical or chemicals in their process. These chemicals may linger in the home and be breathed in by those in your household before they dissipate. Also, wet methods leave your carpeting wet for an extended period of time. Depending upon the cleaning that was done, you will have to be off of your carpets for several hours.

Advantages of Dry Methods

Dry carpet cleaning methods are much more environmentally friendly. They use a small amount of a cleaning substance that is worked into your home's carpeting. It is then vacuumed away, along with all of the pollutants. There is no soaking of the carpets and you can walk on them right away.

Disadvantages of Dry Methods

While dry methods will clean your carpets and leave them looking good, they will not be able to remove all of the dust mites and other living organisms embedded in your carpet. Only intense heat can kill things like dust mites. For effective elimination of living organisms, steam cleaning is better.


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