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Mold Removal

Efficient Mold Removal | Hollywood Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Hollywood Company excels at Mold Removal services. Our experts will provide everything from black mold removal to odor removal at a price that won’t topple your budget restraints. We will come out and provide a professional mold inspection and then we can proceed from there in accordance with our findings. At Hollywood Carpet Cleaning it is understood that mold is nothing to play with. Mold can be dangerous if spores get into your respiratory system. We are happy to offer same day service for the residents of the community. If you need after hour assistance we provide emergency mold removal service 24/7. Our professionals are specifically trained and will use state of the art equipment and cleaning solutions to remove mold from your home.

Exploring The City We Serve: Hollywood, California

One of the most famous districts of Los Angeles is Hollywood, California. Hollywood is known worldwide for its motion picture studios and movie stars. You will find attractions galore in this fabled motion picture playground including Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Bowl. You can also see the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Our Hollywood Carpet Cleaning staff and crew love this city and we are glad we have the opportunity to provide excellent removal services for the community.

Mold Removal Services

Mold tends to grow and thrive in damp or water damaged areas. Our Mold Removal Team in Hollywood offers a variety of services designed to remove the mold, repair the areas and to ensure the problem is under control. Mold and mildew are nasty partners and the sooner you remove them from your home or business the better. Our professional techs have the experience and the precise equipment for the job. Our experts will provide an accurate inspection that will tell you exactly what you need. Our crew can provide these services and more:

  • Crawl Space Cleaning & Abatement
  • Odor Removal
  • Air Purification
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Mold Inspection

Our expert techs at Hollywood Carpet Cleaning will do the job right the first time and make your domain mold free.

Mold Damage Cleanup And Repair

Our Mold Damage Cleanup and Repair Team in Hollywood is the best you will find in the city. Our crew will use state of the art methods to address mold damage and make the repairs as needed. They will use Dehumidifiers and other such processes to get the results required. Our Carpet Cleaning Company in Hollywood brings years of experience to the table and their skills are second to none in our industry. When it comes to Mold Damage Cleanup and Repair our team rules the roost.

Mold Remediation & Decontamination

The Mold Remediation & Decontamination process is vital in mold removal and our Carpet Cleaning Our Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Company knows that fully. Mold can begin growing rapidly in your home from an unattended to leak or after flooding. It is important to remember that mold can be harmful to not only your pets, but to humans as well. Mold in the appropriate levels can lead to everything from nasal and sinus congestion to respiratory issues, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Coughs and headaches are also common symptoms associated with mold.

Mold is created by moisture and the spores can be blown around your home or business through the HVAC system. The first step in remediation or removing the mold is to find it and then stop where the moisture is coming from in the first place. Dehumidifiers, cleaning solutions, insulation, ventilation and sunlight will aide in the remediation process. Our Carpet Cleaning Company in Hollywood can remove mold from anywhere including your fabrics and upholstery.


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